Level Test Children aged 6-12

    Level Test Children Aged 6-12

    Elementary Low

    1.Write the name of the objects next to the picture


    2.Read the information and write the correct name next to the activities.









    Pre-Intermediate low

    3.Write the correct word for the description.The pictures are to help you.

        1.You go there to buy food and drink.

        2.You go there to get money.

        3.You go there to read and borrow books.

        4.You go there to swim and you wear a swimsuit.

        5.You go there to catch a bus.

    Elementary High

    4. Use the following adjectives to complete the sentences using the comparative or superlative form. Each word can be used only once. e.g. Giraffe´s are taller than mice.

    a. dangerous b. fast c. tall d. happy e. big f. fun

        1. Jaguars are snails.

        2. The elephant is animal in the Savannah.

        3. Sharks are dolphins.

        4. Football is Maths.

        5. Babies are adults.

    Pre-Intermediate Low

    5. Complete the letter using the following verbs in the past tense. Use each verb only once.

    a.Be b.Find c.Have d.Play e.Go f.Say g.Eat h.Buy i.Drink j.Take k.See l.Lose

    Hi Mary!,

    I a very busy weekend, last weekend. First, I a big breakfast and I a lot of orange juice. Then I football with my friends in the park. Then my Dad me in the car to the zoo. I lots of animals. My favourite animals the lions because they are the kings of the Savannah. My friend his phone so we had to look all around the zoo. We it underneath the picnic table where we ate lunch. Before we went home, we to the gift shop I a toy dolphin for my sister. When I gave it to her, she “thank you”.


    6.Fill in the gaps with an appropriate word/s.

         1.You eat lots of unhealthy food.

         2.There isn´t cheese in the fridge.

         3. 1945 the Second World War ended.

         4.While I my breakfast, my phone rang.

         5.There were only people at the party.

         6.The river goes the town.

         7.The bank is the music shop and the bakery.

    Pre-Intermediate High

    7.Fill in the gaps with an appropriate word/s.

         1.I have lived in London 2 years.

         2.The cake in time for the party.

         3.I haven´t finished my homework .

         4.You wear a helmet in the cave.

         5. you been to Scotland?

         6.My mum, is a doctor, is 35 today.

         7.I have been learning English 1990.


    Read the text and answer the questions.


    It was a very cold, winter´s night and Chloe and David were going to the village to buy supplies as they wouldn´t be able to go to the shops because a storm was coming which would bring snow and cut off the road for many weeks. As they were driving down the road David suddenly stopped the car and told Chloe to be quiet and not move. Chloe was very scared. Why had David stopped? She thought.

    Just then she heard a loud growl and in front of the car there was a huge beast, it wasn´t an animal that she had ever seen before. What´s that? she whispered to David. David shook his head he didn´t know what it was either. It was very tall, had claws like a bear, but it had legs like a human. Just then, it ran quickly into the woods and disappeared.

    David started the car and continued to drive down the mountain. When they arrived in the village, they saw Bert the police officer and they told him what they had seen. Bert looked at them and laughed. David and Chloe were very sad, and Chloe started crying. Bert told her to stop and look around the street. When she looked, she saw 5 creatures just like the one they had seen in the mountains, vampires and Frankenstein’s and ghosts, she screamed. Then one of the creatures took off his mask and David and Chloe realized that it was the 31st of October, Halloween.

    David told Chloe that what they had seen on their journey must have been a person in a costume. However, Chloe thought, why would someone be dressed up high in the mountains there are only two houses, mine and the one where nobody lives, and everybody was dressed up down in the village.

    They bought the food, wood and other things they needed and went back up the mountains. Chloe was still scared, she didn´t think what they saw was a person, she was looking out of the window all the time. Through the trees just as David turned to go to their house, she saw a big, dark shadow she shouted at David to look but it when he did he didn´t see anything. Was it real or did Chloe imagine it?

    Perhaps it was all in her mind.


    1.Read the text and write True or False

        1.It was summer.

        2.There was a rabbit on the road.

        3.The police officer was called Bert.

        4.It was March.

        5.Chloe and David live near the beach.

        6.Chloe and David are friends.

    2.Answer the questions using your own words.

    The beast was part human part….. ?

    What day was it?

    Why were the children going to the village?

    What happened when they were driving down the mountain?

    Why did Chloe cry?

    Did Chloe believe David that what they saw was a person in a costume?

    What happened when they went back up the mountain?


    Write an email to your friend. Say what you like and don´t like. Say what you normally do at the weekends, who with and where. Say what you did last weekend. Ask them a question. Write as much detail as you can.